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2017 Jr. Ol' Man of the Sea Regatta
TSA Youth Circuit
(36 Entries)
420 (5 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Bates, Grace / Bates, Kelly 6226  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Brock, Lucy / Heitkoetter, Julius 6225  Austin Yacht Club 
Houston, Paul / Houston, Celia 5061  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Vandling, Andrew / Calk, Sydney 5708  Rush Creek Yacht Club 
Wise, Alex / Snyder, Taylor 7229  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Laser 4.7 (11 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Amsden, Ryyan 8012  Fort Worth Boat Club P1 
Beesley, Abigail 83  Other 
Brown, Jake 199339  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Froelich, Wendi 113062  Austin Yacht Club 
Gordon, Zane 150069  Grapevine Sailing Club 
Leathers, Trey 26  Grapevine Sailing Club 
Mcinnis, Emma 181814  Corpus Christi Yacht Club 
Sasek, Justin 173662  Grapevine Sailing Club 
Sosa, Matias 7677  Grapevine Sailing Club 
Swearingen, Lucas 134012  Grapevine Sailing Club 
Thompson, Dax 194286  Corpus Christi Yacht Club 
Laser Radial (15 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Atherton, Aston 197059  Rush Creek Yacht Club 
Barkley, Isaac 178925  Rush Creek Yacht Club 
Bryant, Cullen 211539  Corinthian Sailing Club 
Butler, Andrew 174265  Austin Yacht Club 
Ceplecha, Anthony 180121  Fort Worth Boat Club P1 
Froelich, Ethan 169816  Austin Yacht Club 
Hattendorf, Aubin 117780  Other 
Helm, Stephen 180085/175876  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Mcgagh, Katie 199144  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Pigulski, Ashton 200196  Grapevine Sailing Club 
Pinegar, Lauren 166974  Oklahoma City Boat Club 
Polson, Daniel 201311  Grapevine Sailing Club 
Ruzevic, Lucija Fwbc P1 205399  Fort Worth Boat Club P1 
Schmiege, Gust 187677  Rush Creek Yacht Club 
Schmiege, Kate 199144F  Rush Creek Yacht Club 
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