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2016 Jr. Ol' Man of the Sea Regatta
TSA Youth Circuit
(88 Entries)
420 (5 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Brock, Lucy / Heitkoetter, Julius 6225  Austin Yacht Club 
Byerly, Dutch / Chaumont, Christophe 1234  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Houston, Paul / Houston, Celia 5061  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Kohl, Atlee / Kohl, Dawson 5709  Rush Creek Yacht Club 
Wise, Alex / Tyson, Laurel 7229  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Laser 4.7 (11 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Barkley, Isaac 427  Rush Creek Yacht Club 
Ceplecha, Anthony P1 180121  Fort Worth Boat Club 
Clevenger, Alexis 26  Grapevine Sailing Club 
Gordon, Zane 150069   
Kruger, Tyler 10  Grapevine Sailing Club 
Morrell, Matthew 160955  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Reynolds, Jack P P1 83  Other 
Ruzevic, Lucija P1 205399  Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club 
Sasek, Justin 7677  Grapevine Sailing Club 
Shofran, Katherine 200188  Grapevine Sailing Club 
Swearingen, Lucas 134012  Grapevine Sailing Club 
Laser Radial (11 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Bruno, Matthew P1 195915  Oklahoma City Boat Club 
Bryant, Cullen Corinthian Sailing Club 
Butler, Andrew 153272  Austin Yacht Club 
Calk, Sydney 177159  Rush Creek Yacht Club 
Darovec, Bennett 3569  Grapevine Sailing Club 
Legrande, Spencer 206098  Houston Yacht Club 
Pinegar, Lauren 166974  Other 
Polson, Daniel 201311  Grapevine Sailing Club 
Reynolds, Charlie P1 192015  Other 
Seiboldt, Grant 62639  Other 
Vandling, Andrew 178925  Rush Creek Yacht Club 
Opti Green (20 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Amelang, Zachary 21505  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Anderson, Abby 18910  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Brown, Mathieu 22265  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Brown, Zachary 22264  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Colonna, Camryn 17082  Rush Creek Yacht Club 
Dabrowski, Joey 15673   
Ghazi, Aj P1 21163  Fort Worth Boat Club 
Gourley, Cole 13087  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Hoye, Ashleigh 4034  Rush Creek Yacht Club 
Johnson, Austyn P1 2007  Fort Worth Boat Club 
Keating, Gianpaolo P1 19478  Fort Worth Boat Club 
Mccarley, Mason 18957  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Musgrove, Kirra 9328  Texas Corinthian Yacht Club 
Perrin, Eliza 3967  Texas Corinthian Yacht Club 
Pine, James 21594  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Pine, Nathan 21595  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Pyne, Marguerite 3898  Texas Corinthian Yacht Club 
Schloemer, Ryan 7263  Rush Creek Yacht Club 
Shelton, Charlie P1 7780  Fort Worth Boat Club 
Via, Mercedes Porter 15555  Rush Creek Yacht Club 
Opti RWB:Blue (18 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Anderson, Ava 18910  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Bates, Kelly 18949  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Carew, Nicholas 19627  Austin Yacht Club 
Chandler, Keaton 18490  Rush Creek Yacht Club 
Chaumont, Olivia 20124  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Froelich, Fiona 15120  Austin Yacht Club 
Gourley, Drew 21145  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Jayawant, Eric 21802  Austin Yacht Club 
Martin, Matias P1 19032  Seabrook Sailing Club 
Momeier, Stephen 21143  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Nilsson, Max P1 17761  Fort Worth Boat Club 
Pettit, Jax 14286  Rush Creek Yacht Club 
Slowik, Tony 19636  Austin Yacht Club 
Smith, Brock P1 17922  Oklahoma City Boat Club 
Tyson, Parker 20867  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Vandling, Cayden 21040  Rush Creek Yacht Club 
Wood, Jamie 1971  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Yochum, Bryson 4694  Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club 
Opti RWB:Red (6 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Abate, Nicky 19625  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Brown, Jake 21336  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Janzen, Emilie 22014  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Mcinnis, Emma 19797  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Morrell, Cade 18239  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Progelhof, Hanna 20361  Rush Creek Yacht Club 
Opti RWB:White (12 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Baker, William 21410  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Brock, James 20139  Austin Yacht Club 
Calk, Carter 18422  Rush Creek Yacht Club 
Fogle, Caleb 21813  Lake Canyon Yacht Club 
Janzen, Madeline 18508  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Jayawant, Anna 9359  Austin Yacht Club 
Johnson, Reid P1 19601  Fort Worth Boat Club 
Kohl, Lola ISV 280  Rush Creek Yacht Club 
Krempetz, Aidan 17380  Austin Yacht Club 
Leathers, Justin 17154  Grapevine Sailing Club 
Mather, Scott 17770  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Schloemer, Matthew 19236  Rush Creek Yacht Club 
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