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Boat Type/Preferred Division
One Design Divisions
no F18
no Hobie 14
no Hobie 16A
no Hobie 16B
no Hobie 16C
no Hobie 17
no Hobie 18
no Hobie 20
no Hobie 21
no Hobie Bravo
no Hobie Getaway
no Hobie Wave
no Other Hobies
Registrant Information
State: ZIP:
Cell Phone:
Club Affiliation:
Included Shirt: no S no M no L no XL no XXL
HCANA Member #:
Boat Information
Sail Number:
Boat Name:
Entry Type & Fees
yes Double-handed (includes $25 park fee) $90.00
no Single-handed (includes $25 park fee) $70.00
no Youth (Skipper and Crew under 21 - free) $0.00
Saturday Dinners:   @$18.00/ea.
Saturday Dinners (under 12):   @$9.00/ea.
Additional Shirts: S:   M:   L:   XL:   XXL:   XXXL:   @$15.00/ea.
Additional Social Tickets:   @$20.00/ea.
Total Due:

All Hobie skippers MUST be HCANA members that have paid their 2017 dues. Click here to join.

$100, 000.00 (USF) Liability insurance required.

If questions, contact Ken Knapp 315-256-7061

I hereby give up all my rights to sue or make any claims for damages due in negligence or any other reason whatsoever against Hobie Fleet 204, the North American Hobie Class Association, The International Hobie Class Association and its event organizers, the promoters, sponsors and all other persons, participants or organizations conducting or connected with this event for injury to property or person I may suffer while participating in the event and while on the event premises. I know the risks of danger to myself and my property while preparing for and participating in the event and while upon the event premises, relying upon my own judgment and ability, assume all such risks of loss.

no I have read and agree to these terms.    Name:
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