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2017 Pine Orchard Jr. Opti & 420 Regatta
Sunday, July 23th
(41 Entries)
420 (13 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Bohan, Grace / Chase (not registered) 6834  Pine Orchard 
Brencher, Reed / Brencher, Tait 464  POYCC 
Brencher, Tait / Brencher, Reed 464  POYCC 
Hurley, Ian (not registered) / Delgado, Craig 4113   
James, Henry / Buban, Kelly QSC#4  QSC 
Kaiser, Lillian / Torello, Olivia TBD  POYCC 
Lachance, Daniel / LaChance, Nathan Pettipaug 
Pardi, Seth / Pardi, Hailey 4710  North Cove Yacht Club 
Scanlan, Chase Stevens / Grace (not registered) 6834  POYCC 
Torello, Joshua / Kaiser, Evie (not registered) 464  POYCC 
uncertain (not registered) / Torello, Olivia 00000  Member 
Weekes, Penelope / Streeter, Liv (not registered) Sachems Head 
Zundel, Jake / Ian (not registered) 4610  North Cove 
Opti:Blue (7 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Demovick, Harvey 18700  Whyc Mratz Ness 
Dow, Gavin 14674  POYCC 
Ginz, Henry 21401  Sachems Head Yacht Club 
Lippincott, Brodie 12446  PYC 
Robison, Sam 13321  Thimble Isl Sailing Club 
Thompson, Finn Xxxx  Pettipaug 
Weekes, Simon 16946  Sachems Head 
Opti:Red (1 entry)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Shaughnessy, John Tbd  Pettipaug 
Opti:White (5 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Bohan, Joe 101  Pine Orchard 
Fichtenholtz, Gus 17059  SHYC 
Ginz, Hayden Sachems Head Yacht Club 
Lai, Nola 20067  Sachem S Head Yacht Club 
Smith, Wylder 52  SHYC 
Opti Green (9 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Bonito, Will 17  POYCC 
Dalbert, Henry 17286  SHYC 
Gogliettino, Ashley TBD  Member 
Law, Matthew TBD  POYCC 
Law, Rebecca TBD  POYCC 
Odowd, James SHYC  SHYC 
Scanlan, Sophie Stevens 111'  POYCC 
Smith, Fischer 17568  SHYC 
Swan, Will 107  POYCC 
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