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2017 Pettipaug Regatta
Sunday, August 6th
(68 Entries)
420:Non Spinnaker (15 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Brasky, Raegan Wyrebek Request from club  PYC 
Collins, Simon / Collins, Olivia Pettipaug 
Courcy, Stephen / Thompson, Finn PYC 
Dahl, Tomas / Whelan, Charlie 11  Pettipaug 
Fitton, Peter / Bullock, Jackson 3962  Pettipaug 
W, Kyle (not registered) / Heiden, Nolan 111   
Iannone, Nick / Heiden, Kate 77  NCYC 
Mccarthy, Kiley / Hurley, Claire PYC 
Mccarthy, Will / ?, Ben (not registered) 10  PYC 
Mcpherson, Henry / Amendola, Isabella 3963  Pettipaug Yacht Club 
Montana, Gus / Courcy, Aurora 888  PYC 
Morrissey, Katherine / Farnoli, Julia (not registered) 3820  PYC 
Porcaro, Olivia / Porcaro, Chloe PYC 
Winterer, Fox / Fitton, Willem PYC 
Wisialowski, Kyle / registered), Nolan Heiden (not (not registered) 111  North Cove Yacht Club 
420:Spinnaker (7 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
, Zundel Jake / Eldridge, Serena 1313  NCYC 
Beauchene, Alex 4710  North Cove Old Saybrook 
Davey, Sarah / Damien (not registered) 1010  Pilots Point 
Eldredge, Serena / Zundel, Jake (not registered) 1313  North Cove Yacht Club 
Farrell, Tagan / Brencher, Tait 464   
Willis, Grace / Sagristano, Caroline 6985  Pilots Point 
Wisner, Maggie / Beauchene, Alex 4710  NCYC 
Laser:Full Rig (1 entry)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
, Lachance Nathan and Dan 5356  Pettipaug 
Laser:Radial (2 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Hoehnebart, Nina 177389  Pettipaug 
Lachance, Daniel 528  Pettipaug 
Open Bic (3 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Feddersen, Nicholas 7664  Riyc Ness 
Hughes, Nick 7797  Pettipaug 
Shaughnessy, John 2004  Pettipaug 
Opti:Blue (6 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Cooke, Oliver Ben Ainsley 4500  Ness Mudratz 
Demovick, Harvey 18700  Whyc Mratz Ness 
Julius, Andrew 7817  North Cove Yacht Club 
Lippincott, Brodie 12446  PYC 
Montana, Nicholas 10014  PYC 
Watford, Dempsey 777  NCYC 
Opti:White (5 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Berkel, Gus Van 10756  Pettipaug 
Buban, Kelly E 18437  Quassapaug Sailing Center 
Connolly, David 7198  NCYC 
Cooke, Henry 11790  Ness Mudratz 
Winkley, Caleb 83  Pettipaug Yacht Club 
Opti Green (13 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Bransfield, Alexandra 7730  Pettipaug Yacht Club 
Bransfield, Emma 6858  Pettipaug Yacht Club 
Bransfield, Evan 6408  Pettipuag 
Collins, James / Whelan, Brodie 8121  Pettipaug 
Costanzo, Benjamin 6488  PYC 
Costanzo, Cameron 7687  PYC 
Pullin, Drew 12211  Pettipaug 
Schilling, Karl 18  PYC 
Staak, Shawn 17  Pettipaug 
Thompson, Piper 12446  Pettipaug 
? / Winterer, Josephine 3092  PYC 
Winterer, Josephine 3092   
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