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2017 Cannonball Run Regatta
August 12-13
(59 Entries)
Laser 4.7 (5 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Kemberling, Annabelle 158824  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Mcinnis, Emma 181814  Rockport Yacht Club 
Morse, Michael 186510  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Thompson, Dax 194286  CCYC 
Zittrer, Noah 200388  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Laser Full (9 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Atkins, Forest 157833  Corinthian SC 
Boccalandro, Andres 173212  HYC 
Morgan, David 199760  Seabrook Sailing Club 
Oliver, John 174300   
Orr, Griffin 190275  Corinthian Sailing Club 
Svec, Nicolas 196177  LYC 
Walt, Deon Van Der 160049  HYC 
Walt, Dominic Van Der 191086  HYC 
Wells, Zachary 169529  Corinthian Sailing Club 
Laser Radial (15 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Barkley, Isaac 178925  RCYC 
Bryant, Cullen 211539  Corinthian Sailing Club 
Butler, Andrew 174265  Austin Yacht Club 
Covington, Lance 169638  LYC 
Granberry, Jacob 194285  CCYC 
Kemberling, Tyler 164271  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Mittman, Rachel Corinthian Sailing Club 
Reynolds, Jack P 192015  HYC 
Schmiege, Gust 187677  RCYC 
Schmiege, Kate 199144  RCYC 
Tindall, Daniel 208108  CCYC 
Vandling, Andrew 210312  RCYC 
Vaseliades, Peter 206096  CCYC 
Walt, Megan Van Der 160022  HYC 
Wotipka, Ronnie 200396  Rockport YC 
Opti Green (14 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Anderson, Abigail 21820  Lakewood YC 
Bishop, Alexander 22444  LYC 
Gaines, Jessie 674  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Galway, Gavin 15133  HYC 
Gwaltney, Jake 61639  CCYC 
Huebner, Matthew CCYC 
Kagey, Lorelai 13225  LYC 
Keever, Kaylee 20824  LYC 
Lindig, Guy 12225  RYC 
Mccarley, Mason 18957  LYC 
Mccready, Hayden 14783  Houston Yacht Club 
Monsivais, Leonel 37  CCYC 
Riccio, Sarina 6655  PYC 
Ruley, Makayla 14694  PYC 
Opti RWB:Blue (11 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Amelang, Zachary 21505  LYC 
Anderson, Ava 18910  Lakewood YC 
Bettis, Max 19455  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Gourley, Drew 21145  LYC 
Kemberling, Zander 19611  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Mather, Scott 17770  Lakewood YC 
Momeier, Stephen 21143  LYC 
Morse, Amanda 8947  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Polsen, Ethan 18957  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Vandling, Cayden 83007  RCYC 
Warrior, Kailey 22019  HYC 
Opti RWB:Red (1 entry)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Younger, Parker P1 19797  FWBC 
Opti RWB:White (4 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Baker, William 21410  LYC 
Benitjz, Brayden 18596  Lakewood Yacht Club 
Gourley, Cole 22285  LYC 
Polsen, Blake 11270  Lakewood Yacht Club 
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