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2017 CT State Opti Championship
Sunday, October 15th
(55 Entries)
Opti:Blue (26 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Beck, Asher 19291  Lisot 
Bergendahl, Charlie USA 11309  Ram Island Yacht Club Mudratz 
Ciffolillo, Jonnie 21662  Riot 
Cooke, Oliver 22262  Ness Mudratz 
Debs, Sophia 21593  LISOT 
Dowd, Pearse 21833  Riot 
Dunning, Alice 15801  Riot 
Feddersen, Nicholas 22462  NESS 
Flack, Dylan 19781  WadNess Mudratz 
Foster, Lillie 21773  American Yacht Club 
Ginz, Henry 21401  Mudratz 
Haylon, Caleb 20975  NBYC 
Kowaleski, Alex 14674  Sail Newport Riot 
Lent, Ian 22235 CT BLUE  Black Rock YC 
Lewis, Frances 18890  Riot 
Macaulay, Gus 15700  Riot Barrington Yacht Club 
Margiotta, Lily 16054  Nbyc Mudratz 
Menezes, Ellie 22271  Mudratz Ness 
Porter, Jonathan 20859  Riot 
Sheppard, Benjamin 21158  Riverside Yc Lisot 
Stuebe, Kurt 14297  Belle Haven Club Lisot 
Tauber, Wyatt Singh 17270  American YC 
Ulmer, Robert / Ulmer, Andrew 22196  Belle Haven Lisot 
Walshe, Samara 19971  Lisot 
Whidden, Thomas 22250  Syc Lisot 
Wiatrowski, Lucas 7926  Ness Mudratz 
Opti:Red (14 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Barry, Brooke 20734  NESS 
Bergendahl, Tyler 20439  Mudratz 
Demovick, Harvey 18700  Whyc Ness Mudratz 
Fairfax, Charlie 16508  Riot Nbyc 
Halpern, Grant 18555  American Yc Lisot 
Kawashima, Take 19629  Lisot 
Kirk, Tyler 21665  Barrington YC 
Laferriere, Max 17979  Lisot 
Lee, Phoebe 22453  Riot Edgewood Yacht Club 
Mastovsky, Drew 14439  Riot Beverly Yacht Club 
Ruggieri, Jacqueline 14752  Mudratz Conanicut Yacht Club 
Treat, Ryan 14966  Mudratz 
Wiatrowski, Adam 15923  Ness Mudratz 
Woodworth, Cole 22445 CT RED  Pequot Lisot 
Opti:White (15 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Berkel, Gus Van 9281  Pettipaug Mudratz 
Bischoff, Owen 20246  Larchmont Yc Lisot 
Borcherding, Helena USA 17409 CT WHITE  Belle Haven Club Lisot 
Buban, Kelly 18367  Mudratz 
Cooke, Henry 4500  Ness Mudratz 
Fichtenholtz, Gus 17059  Mudratz Shyc 
Hahn, Nick 9697  American YC 
Lombard, Sydney USA 12351  Pettipaug YC 
Odowd, James 52278  Mudratz Shyc 
Schutz, Ike 18254  Mudratz Sachems Head YC 
Shuster, Georgia 11099  Edgewood Yacht Club 
Smith, Wylder 51  Mudratz Shyc 
Sykes, Richard 17412  Riverside Yacht Club 
Walsh, Declan 13445  Sail Newport Riot 
Wittick, Jonathan 21222  Larchmont Yc Lisot 
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