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2015 Annual Thanksgiving Regatta
Davis Island Yacht Club - Nov 27-29
(84 Entries)
420 ( 5 entries )
Boat Type Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
420  Devita, Theresa / Powell, Mitch Diysf 
420  Iii, Charlie Curtis / Cononico, Dom DIYC 
420  Nichols, James / nichols, Charles Diysf 
420  Seibold, Nic DIYSF 
420  Toro, Sean / Figley, Colin 3814  DIYC 
Laser 4.7 ( 10 entries )
Boat Type Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Laser 4.7  Abberger, Crista 167000  DIYC 
Laser 4.7  Boicheff, Anika 9672  SPYC 
Laser 4.7  Delgado, Cameron SPYC 
Laser 4.7  Gray, Paul 165991  DIYC 
Laser 4.7  Hayward, Abby 189738  DIYC 
Laser 4.7  Icely, Watt 166004  SPYC 
Laser 4.7  Lawson, Amanda 99204  DIYC 
Laser 4.7  Lawther, Colin 194356  SPYC 
Laser 4.7  Mccree, Alex 168219  DIYC 
Laser 4.7  Shakespeare, Emma 18  SPYC 
Laser Full ( 3 entries )
Boat Type Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Laser Full  Heausler, Buzzy 194540  DIYC 
Laser Full  Ratigan, Kevin 194253  SSS 
Laser Full  Robbins, Eric 184547  DIYC 
Laser Radial ( 9 entries )
Boat Type Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Laser Radial  Baker, Tyler 173722  HSA 
Laser Radial  Boicheff, Grant 203631  SPYC 
Laser Radial  Hayward, Drew 199192  DIYC 
Laser Radial  Hicks, Heidi 188112  SPYC 
Laser Radial  Kudin, Artem 16  Diysf 
Laser Radial  Ploch, Megan 199161  AYC 
Laser Radial  Putnam, Brett 192015  Sailfit 
Laser Radial  Ward, Emmet 204414  Diysf 
Laser Radial  Wright, Emily 187760  St Petersburg Yacht Club 
Opti Green ( 23 entries )
Boat Type Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Opti Green  Berget, Lilly 13387  SPYC 
Opti Green  Burnett, Callen 10150  DIYSF 
Opti Green  Dewitt, Nicholas 14258  MRPF 
Opti Green  Egosi, Natan 44  Diys 
Opti Green  Freund, James 17295  MRPF 
Opti Green  Fuller, Sophia 11  SPYC 
Opti Green  Gilroy, Summer 710  SPYC 
Opti Green  Hansen, Karrington 11902  SPYC 
Opti Green  Icely, Henry 11400  SPYC 
Opti Green  Jones, Sidney 712  SPYC 
Opti Green  Lee, Jackson 15864  DIYC 
Opti Green  Mcgonigal, Matthew 17077  CCSC 
Opti Green  Mcmartin, Cooper 20233  CCSC 
Opti Green  Mendelblatt, Adam 719  SPYC 
Opti Green  Mendelblatt, Reid 10859  SPYC 
Opti Green  Ratto, Riley 6767  DIYC 
Opti Green  Seibold, Tom 10210  DIYSF 
Opti Green  Shaffer, Christopher 66  DIYC 
Opti Green  Shakespeare, Ava 11168  SPYC 
Opti Green  Simpson, Rose 14898  SPYC 
Opti Green  Sullivan, Mason 15014  MRPF 
Opti Green  Weaver, Peyton 16849  CCSC 
Opti Green  Young, Alexis 16182  CCSC 
Opti RWB:Blue ( 14 entries )
Boat Type Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Opti RWB  Allen, Emily 15993  SPYC 
Opti RWB  Brooks, Garrett 15630  DIYC 
Opti RWB  Conneely, Julia 12914  CCSC 
Opti RWB  Danielson, Ethan 18281  SPYC 
Opti RWB  Grit, Thommie 15084  Sarasota Youth Sailing Program 
Opti RWB  Mccree, Elizabeth 15299  DIYC 
Opti RWB  Moyer, Sidney 10676  SPYC 
Opti RWB  Payne, Pearson 10154  SPYC 
Opti RWB  Putnam, Maverick 11157  CCSC 
Opti RWB  Shakespeare, Isabella 14303  SPYC 
Opti RWB  Shames, Claire 6009  DIYSF 
Opti RWB  Waldman, Zac 16183  CCSC 
Opti RWB  Winkelman, Adrian 10677  CCSC 
Opti RWB  Young, Savannah 21445  Lima 
Opti RWB:Red ( 13 entries )
Boat Type Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Opti RWB  Brooks, Spencer 18888  DIYC 
Opti RWB  Chulikavit, Tee 18736  Diyc Ccsc 
Opti RWB  Cura, Thomas 20681  CCSC 
Opti RWB  Gray, Ryan 17395  DIYC 
Opti RWB  Groves, Jack CAN 1563  Sarasota Youth Sailing 
Opti RWB  Rodriguez, Mateo 18295  CCSC 
Opti RWB  Roy, Madison 12058  Diys 
Opti RWB  Smith, J J Jessica 18897  Sarasota Yourh Sailing Spyc 
Opti RWB  Sullivan, Camden 20819  MRPF 
Opti RWB  Taliaferro, Jacob 18087  CCSC 
Opti RWB  Thomas, Evan 16667  CCSC 
Opti RWB  Tone, Bryce USA 20382  Sys 
Opti RWB  Wade, Devin 20686  Sarasota Youth Sailing 
Opti RWB:White ( 7 entries )
Boat Type Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Opti RWB  Boicheff, Trent 19075  SPYC 
Opti RWB  Danielson, Kate 16780  SPYC 
Opti RWB  Hicks, Trevor 16715  SPYC 
Opti RWB  Icely, Madi 18963  SPYC 
Opti RWB  Mendelblatt, Dorothy 7940  SPYC 
Opti RWB  Rimel, Logan 16138  SPYC 
Opti RWB  Weaver, Preston 21554  CCSC 
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