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J/24 Midwinter Championship
February 12-16 2011
(27 Entries)
J/24 ( 27 entries )
Boat Type Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
  Blodgett, Arthur 190  Camden Yacht Club 
  Bream, Peter 5287  BYC 
  Brown, Robby 799  DIYC 
  Burns, Roger 3789  Winnipeg Sailing Centre 
  ChipTill, DanBorrer 5351  CYC-NC/KYC/NCSF 
  Cubra, Nicolas 5399  Club NĂ¡utico Olivos 
  Dambrie, Nicholas 4550  Portland YC 
  Gefter, Malcolm 1257  NYYC 
  Harden, Bob 5319  Austin YC 
  Holmes-Moon, Kelly 267  DCYC/GSC 
  Kresge, Dan 154  DIYC/TSS 
  Levesque, Peter 2934  NYYC 
  Lugo, Fraito 4583  Ponce YC 
  Malone, Brian & Kat 4190  DIYC 
  Milev, Rossi 2827  PCYC 
  Mollicone, John 5235  Sail Newport 
  Myer, Fred 4041  DIYC 
  NickJako, PeteSpencer 4140  DIYC/Toronto 
  Odenbach, Travis 5256  Rochester YC 
  Parker, Tony 58  AYC 
  Reynolds, Kirk 4154  Oswego YC 
  Singstad, Charles 1564  Lake Canyon YC 
  Sullivan, Gretchen 508  Southport YC 
  Surguy, John 5320  Atlantic Highlands YC 
  VanRavenswaay, Paul 5350  Severn Sailing Association 
  Wehrheim, Flip 5237  Rochester NY 
  Welles, Will 2901  MDICSC 
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