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2013 2.4 Meter United States Championships
December 14-15, 2013 - Port Charlotte Florida
(21 Entries)
2.4 Meter ( 21 entries )
State Name Sail Number Boat Name Club Affiliation
Bell, Doug CAN 68    Royal Victoria YC 
Christine, Lavall E CAN 12    NSC 
Corcoran, Jay 167    Cape May YC 
Erikstad, Bjornar NOR 1    Tonsberg Seilforening 
Evans, Daniel USA 165    Teamparadise 
Gay, Jackie CAN23  Odd  RVYC 
Hill, Joseph Jody USA121  Positive  Houston YC 
Holmberg, Kevin 160    Davis Island Yacht Club 
Kobayashi, Audrey CAN 18  Hirishi Maru II  Kingston YC 
Leibel, Allan CAN 8    National YC 
Louttit, Stacie CAN 7    Royal Victoria Yacht Club 
Mandell, Lionel CAN 99    National Yacht Club Toronto 
Mcroberts, John Bamboo Blondie 2  Royal Victoria YC 
Millar, Bruce CAN 39  Life of Brian  Royal Vancouver Yacht Club 
Olsen, Paul CAN 11    Queen City Yacht Club 
Pascoe, Megan GBR 98    Weymouth SC 
Pocklington, Tony USA 23    US Sailing 
Ripley, Tim USA118    Nyack Boat Club 
Rosenfield, Charles USA 142     
Schmitt, Tracy NOR 0    Team Paradise 
Wood, Peter CAN 14    Nepean Sailing Club 
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