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2017 Mutineer 15 Midwinter Championship
April 1-2 :: Tampa Sailing Squadron
(14 Entries)
Mutineer Gold ( 9 entries )
Boat Type State Name Sail Number Boat Name Club Affiliation
Mutineer Gold  Dalton, Mathew / Kresge, Dan 183  Underkill  Tampa Sailing Squadron 
Mutineer Gold  Davis, Jim / Margaret 3201  Radio Flyer  Fleet 18 
Mutineer Gold  Elliott, Dan / Pozmann, Amy 8024  Speed Racer   
Mutineer Gold  Maguire, Herb / Matuszak, Ray 4278  FogDog  Tampa Sailing Squadron 
  Meck, Jeremiah / Shaw, Wes 154  CAVU  Scouts And Ys Employees 
Mutineer Gold  Oneal, Darin / Lawler, Pat 151  SAM  TSS 
Mutineer Gold  Plotts, Edwin / Rivas, Oscar 8018  Out of the Blue  TSS 
  Tonkin, Dave / Witzler, Bob 152  Kraken  Tampa Sailing Squadron 
Mutineer Gold  Upton, John / Duffy, Watt 6032  Drifting Cowboy  Rush Creek Yacht Club 
Mutineer Silver ( 5 entries )
Boat Type State Name Sail Number Boat Name Club Affiliation
Mutineer Silver  Anderson, Hunter / Smith, Joey 603  Apollo 2020  Tss Youth Sailing 
Mutineer Silver  Cullen, William / Trensch, Frank 153  Phoenix  TSS 
Mutineer Silver  Gales, Bryan / Martin, Catherine 7884  Kemosabe  Tampa Sailing Squadron 
Mutineer Silver  Miller, Don / McChesney, Bob Elliott Express  TSS 
Mutineer Silver  Tonkin, Zach / VanNostrand, Taje 3216  The Force  Tss Youth Sailing 
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