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Jr. Ol' Man of the Sea Regatta
TSA Youth Circuit
(96 Entries)
420:Club (8 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Beck, Ian / Killion, Tyler 5454  Houston Yacht Club (HYC) 
Laquey, Caleb / Kane, Collin 30  Fort Worth Boat Club (FWBC) 
Morgan, Hamrick / Ron, Alexander 5708  Rush Creek Yacht Club (RCYC) 
Morran, Meredith / Morran, Michael 6225  Austin Yacht Club (AYC) 
O'Kelley, Remi / Sager, Connor 66  Fort Worth Boat Club (FWBC) 
Sager, Jonathan / Marshall, Rodney 6918  Fort Worth Boat Club (FWBC) 
Schwinn, Alex / O'Riordan, Anne 6198  Fort Worth Boat Club (FWBC) 
Walston, Rachel / Bulgerion, Gracie 5710  Houston Yacht Club (HYC) 
Laser 4.7 (9 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Bayman, Skylar 11  Corinthian Sailing Club (CSC) 
Chasteler, Nic blank  Grapevine Sailing Club (GSC) 
Duffy, Sophie 140763  Lakewood Yacht Club (LYC) 
Hvidsten, Christa 17100  Corinthian Sailing Club (CSC) 
Lipari, Benjamin 150069  Grapevine Sailing Club (GSC) 
Nicholls, Robbie 200396  Lakewood Yacht Club (LYC) 
Rose, Charlotte 196848  Houston Yacht Club (HYC) 
Scheibler, Samuel 191452  Grapevine Sailing Club (GSC) 
Thornton, Shelby 173991  Fort Worth Boat Club (FWBC) 
Laser Radial (10 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Basile, Connor 13  Corinthian Sailing Club (CSC) 
Cole, Kelly 200123  Oklahoma City Boat Club (OCBC) 
Comen, Aaron 12  Corinthian Sailing Club (CSC) 
Crowell, Mason 162029  Lakewood Yacht Club (LYC) 
Curtis, Nicholas 173991  Oklahoma City Boat Club (OCBC) 
Dorflinger, Greg 194056  Lakewood Yacht Club (LYC) 
Endres, Maria 828  Oklahoma City Boat Club (OCBC) 
Hughes, Howdy 194291  Oklahoma City Boat Club (OCBC) 
Mcandrew, Olivia 181147  Lakewood Yacht Club (LYC) 
Romeo, William 176238  Houston Yacht Club (HYC) 
Opti Green (28 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Abate, Nicky 13597  Lakewood Yacht Club (LYC) 
Adams, Stuart 18118  Lakewood Yacht Club (LYC) 
Ascencios, Morgan 18959  Lakewood Yacht Club (LYC) 
Barran, Alexander 1041  Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club (DCYC) 
Benedetto, Dominick 14286  Corinthian Sailing Club (CSC) 
Calk, Sydney 18490  Rush Creek Yacht Club (RCYC) 
Chaumont, Olivia 6083  Fort Worth Boat Club (FWBC) 
Courtney, William 17976  Corinthian Sailing Club (CSC) 
Dickey, Ryan 4698  Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club (DCYC) 
Durant, C J CJ3  Grapevine Sailing Club (GSC) 
Endres, Alejandro 9148  Oklahoma City Boat Club (OCBC) 
Endres, Benjamin 45  Oklahoma City Boat Club (OCBC) 
Gordon, Zane 12114  Grapevine Sailing Club (GSC) 
Jain, Devin 7005  Grapevine Sailing Club (GSC) 
Leathers, Trey 12119  Grapevine Sailing Club (GSC) 
Linn, Skylar Rush Creek Yacht Club (RCYC) 
May, Levi 18  Grapevine Sailing Club (GSC) 
May, Levi 12113  Grapevine Sailing Club (GSC) 
Medjkane, Amruss 7662  Grapevine Sailing Club (GSC) 
Meyer, Andrew 10608  Fort Worth Boat Club (FWBC) 
Parks, Callum 13  Grapevine Sailing Club (GSC) 
Ruzevic, Lucija 10906  Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club (DCYC) 
Slowik, Tony Corpus Christi Yacht Club (CCYC) 
Stefano, Niccolo' Di Grapevine Sailing Club (GSC) 
Thompson, Dax 71  Corpus Christi Yacht Club (CCYC) 
Utz, Jessica 1048  Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club (DCYC) 
Warner, Coby 12  Grapevine Sailing Club (GSC) 
Zittrer, Noah 4765  Lakewood Yacht Club (LYC) 
Opti RWB:Blue (17 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Abate, Alex 19623  Lakewood Yacht Club (LYC) 
Ascencios, Dylan 18957  Lakewood Yacht Club (LYC) 
Beck, Abigail 18951  Houston Yacht Club (HYC) 
Chaumont, Christophe 17354  Fort Worth Boat Club (FWBC) 
Ditmer, Drake 4694  Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club (DCYC) 
Hankins, Alexander 17327  Lakewood Yacht Club (LYC) 
Hannan, Katy 13398  Rush Creek Yacht Club (RCYC) 
Jarvis, Joshua 13087  Corpus Christi Yacht Club (CCYC) 
Lauber, Michael 17082  Rush Creek Yacht Club (RCYC) 
Linn, Reilly 13617  Rush Creek Yacht Club (RCYC) 
Mittman, Rachel 13589  Corinthian Sailing Club (CSC) 
Rogers, Zane USA 18303  Texas Corinthian Yacht Club (TCYC) 
Scheibler, Adrian 18321  Grapevine Sailing Club (GSC) 
Sheaffer, Julia Isabella 17422  Lakewood Yacht Club (LYC) 
Shields, Carson 17154  Lakewood Yacht Club (LYC) 
Vaseliades, Peter 19628  Corpus Christi Yacht Club (CCYC) 
Zittrer, Asher 12586  Lakewood Yacht Club (LYC) 
Opti RWB:Red (9 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Abate, Marcus 19625  Lakewood Yacht Club (LYC) 
Foster, Sullivan 19639  Corpus Christi Yacht Club (CCYC) 
Legrande, Spencer 15120  Other 
Lugtmeijer, Celeste DOM 20  Houston Yacht Club (HYC) 
Mares, Alexandra 19299  Houston Yacht Club (HYC) 
Meyer, Austin 17746  Fort Worth Boat Club (FWBC) 
Rogers, Wiley USA 18311  Texas Corinthian Yacht Club (TCYC) 
Tinnell, Zane Corpus Christi Yacht Club (CCYC) 
Weiss, Daniel 12116  Grapevine Sailing Club (GSC) 
Opti RWB:White (7 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Houston, Paul 13572  Houston Yacht Club (HYC) 
Kohl, Atlee ISV 480  Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club (DCYC) 
Kohl, Dawson ISV 360  Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club (DCYC) 
Mcinnis, Emma 18595  Corpus Christi Yacht Club (CCYC) 
Scheibler, Elena 18320  Grapevine Sailing Club (GSC) 
Wise, Alex 16102  Houston Yacht Club (HYC) 
Yoshiyasu, Yumi 19289  Houston Yacht Club (HYC) 
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