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Mattituck Yacht Club
2014 Invitational and PGJSA Qualifier
Sunfish, Laser, 420
(86 Entries)
420 (17 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Boyar, Grace / mckinnen, Kyle 11  Southold Yacht Club 
Brody, Joel / Trampeil, Noella 3575  Shinnecock Yacht Club 
Burke, Kaitlyn / Booth, Kate 5650  Southold Yacht Club 
Claremont, Alasdhair / claremont, ben 1771  Southold Yacht Club 
Cosola, Stephen / Mandelbaum, Adrienne 7167  Southold Yacht Club 
Erey, Alexis / Smith, Nate 6622  Orient Yacht Club 
Esseks, Will / Morton, Natasha Scott 7287  Orient Yacht Club 
Mandelbaum, Will / Gelderman, Kyle 5009  Southold Yacht Club 
Mckinney, Ryan / Valentino, Jack 6577  Orient Yacht Club 
Nystrom, Maddie / silverman, Travers 7293  Orient Yacht Club 
Orioli, Jimmy / Trampel, Sabrina 4078  Mattituck Yacht Club 
Perry, Iona / Puglia, Alessandra OCYC1  Old Cove Yacht Club 
Potdevin, Henry / Sannino, Francesco 4965  Mattituck Yacht Club 
Quiros, Christian / Mayer, Lily 4473  Shinnecock Yacht Club 
Spiro, Anna / Keil, Caroline OCYC2  Old Cove Yacht Club 
Stump, Schuyler / Cirllo, Marina 4510  Southampton Yacht Club 
Trampel, Katyanne / Mugno, Elana Shinnecock Yacht Club 
Laser 4.7 (2 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Bortz, Diana 150928  Old Cove Yacht Club 
Vickery, James 206156  Southampton Yacht Club 
Laser Full (2 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Stump, Hunter 162251  Southampton Yacht Club 
Zijl, Alexander Van 180528  Southampton Yacht Club 
Laser Radial (11 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Cashwell, Jack 203645  Southold Yacht Club 
Hannon, Gabriel 199755  Southampton Yacht Club 
Honig, Steven 200381  Old Cove Yacht Club 
Leitch, Claudia 195428  Southold Yacht Club 
Odriscoll, Hugh 162011  Old Cove Yacht Club 
Preston, Kenny 196112  Southold Yacht Club 
Sullivan, Daniel 199811  Southold Yacht Club 
Talbot, Alexandra 177278  Old Cove Yacht Club 
Tsirogiorgis, Nikos 205394  Southampton Yacht Club 
Walley, Natassia Shinnecock Yacht Club 
Zaloom, Charles 168199  Old Cove Yacht Club 
Sunfish (9 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Brickman, Steven R / Hutchinson, Jack 41  Mattituck Yacht Club 
Cashwell, James Southold Yacht Club 
Ewing, Andrew 78898  Southold Yacht Club 
Mackall, Mason Devon Yacht Club 
Mackinnon, Cam 3219  Southold Yacht Club 
Meadows, Tyler / Arnzen, Alyson 22  Mattituck Yacht Club 
Miller, Henry 78929  Southold Yacht Club 
Potdevin, Will 89693  Mattituck Yacht Club 
Preston, Mike 3802  Southold Yacht Club 
Sunfish Double (14 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Altman, Luke / Brickman, Quinn Mattituck Yacht Club 
Annunziata, Miranda / Cifarelli, Mickala 80881  Mattituck Yacht Club 
Booth, Robbie / Hodgson, George 80889  Southold Yacht Club 
Buonaiuto, Francis / Callanan, Shaye 100  Southold Yacht Club 
Clifford, Emma / Hanly, Jaimee 11  Mattituck Yacht Club 
Dolan, Pax / Honig, Benjamin 117  Old Cove Yacht Club 
Kalich, Micky / Gardiner, Perry 33  Mattituck Yacht Club 
Meadows, Alina / Clifford, Morgan 46019  Mattituck Yacht Club 
Murphy, Hannah / Arnzen, Alyson 16  Mattituck Yacht Club 
Orioli, Gianna / Trampel, Hailey 1102  Mattituck Yacht Club 
Preston, Jillian / Gelderman, Lindsay Southold Yacht Club 
Righi, Andy / Righi, Ally 4119  Mattituck Yacht Club 
Smith, Raleigh Baldwin / Heidenry, Jack 42  Mattituck Yacht Club 
Tomao, Christina / leslie, Maddison 04  Mattituck Yacht Club 
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