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2015 PGJSA Series Championship Regatta
Opti, Sunfish, Laser, C420
Devon Yacht Club - August 12, 2015
(76 Entries)
C420 (13 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Davies, Christopher / Havenon, Cecilia De 6938  Devon Yacht Club 
Dejoux, Charlotte / Meister, Catie 15  Devon Yacht Club 
Gallagher, Philip / Zuccotti, Nick 10  Devon Yacht Club 
Heath, Gideon Burnes / Brierley, Douglas 6619  Orient Yacht Club 
Jennings, Ted / MacKinnon, Kyle 2870  Southampton Yacht Club 
Mckinney, Ryan / Silverman, Travers 7256  Orient Yacht Club 
Mckinney, Scott / Cassidy-Gardner, Clare 6687  Orient Yacht Club 
Meister, Libby / Annicelli, Katie 14  Devon Yacht Club 
Nystrom, Maddie / Dworetzky, Julia 7293  Orient Yacht Club 
Preston, Kenny / Sullivan, Daniel 5650  Southold Yacht Club 
Stump, Schuyler / Cirillo, Marina 7809  Southampton Yacht Club 
Trampel, Katyanne / Cooney, Maureen 3575  Shinnecock Yacht Club 
Valentino, Jack / Smith, Nate 7739  Orient Yacht Club 
Laser Full (4 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Colby, John 182362  Shelter Island Yacht Club 
Mitchell, Max 199163  Shelter Island Yacht Club 
Stump, Hunter 162251  Southampton Yacht Club 
Vanzijl, Alexander 180528  Southampton Yacht Club 
Laser Radial (7 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Cashwell, James 203645  Southold Yacht Club 
Honig, Steven 200381  Old Cove Yacht Club 
Keil, Caroline 194266  Old Cove Yacht Club 
Miller, Henry 167172  Southold Yacht Club 
Preston, Mike 196112  Southold Yacht Club 
Tsirogiorgis, Nikos 205394  Southampton Yacht Club 
Vickery, James 206156  Southampton Yacht Club 
Opti:Blue (16 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Arnold, Thomas 18930  Shelter Island Yacht Club 
Champigneulle, Margot 15769  Shelter Island Yacht Club 
Dolan, Pax 261  Old Cove Yacht Club 
Edmands, Francesca 20334  Old Cove Yacht Club 
Elliston, Mitchell 10211  Southold Yacht Club 
Fischetti, Connor 14361  Old Cove Yacht Club 
Haefliger, Henry 67  Shinnecock Yacht Club 
Honig, Benjamin 15389  Old Cove Yacht Club 
Keil, Charlotte 14777  Old Cove Yacht Club 
Levine, Alexander 16655  Shelter Island Yacht Club 
Mugno, Annabelle 71  Shinnecock Yacht Club 
Neumann, Amelia 15742  Old Cove Yacht Club 
Patti, Alexander 6593  Orient Yacht Club 
Popp, Amelia 13480  Devon Yacht Club 
Stowe, Clifford 19670  Shelter Island Yacht Club 
Stump, Tristan 14436  Southampton Yacht Club 
Opti:Red (4 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Benacerraf, James 11759  Shelter Island Yacht Club 
Bihm, Lauren 8234  Old Cove Yacht Club 
Bihm, Sarah 12849  Old Cove Yacht Club 
Elliston, Robert 13338  Southold Yacht Club 
Opti:White (2 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Chamberlain, Collin 19674  Southampton Yacht Club 
Edmands, Ike 18068  Old Cove Yacht Club 
Sunfish (7 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Boyar, Charlie 3771  Southold Yacht Club 
Conard, Campbell 23  Devon Yacht Club 
Gallagher, Sarah 34  Devon Yacht Club 
Leslie, Madison 04  Mattituck Yacht Club 
Mackall, Mason Devon Yacht Club 
Meadows, Tyler 4461  Mattituck Yacht Club 
Righi, Andy 4119  Mattituck Yacht Club 
Sunfish Double (5 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Brickman, Steven / Brickman, Quinn 47  Mattituck Yacht Club 
Burton, Billy / Preston, Jillian 3802  Southold Yacht Club 
Kalich, Micky / Gardiner, Perry 33  Mattituck Yacht Club 
Meadows, Alina / Sannino, Ava 22  Mattituck Yacht Club 
Stork, Julia / Stork, Will Mattituck Yacht Club 
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