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2016 Pettipaug Regatta
Sunday, August 14th
(47 Entries)
420 (13 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Hoehnebart, Nina / , Isabella Amendola Caitlin Kressley 4772  PYC 
Holleck, Minna / Holleck, Brendan PYC12  QSC 
Hurley, Claire / Robbins, Celia PYC7  Pettipaug 
Hurley, Ian / Kennedy, Thayer 3721  Pettipaug 
, Isabella Amendola Nina Hoehnebart (not registered) / Kressley, Caitlin 4772  PYC 
Mccarthy, Kiley / Courcy, Aurora PYC10  PYC 
Patterson, Sean / Ryan, Michael PYC9  PYC 
Porcaro, Olivia / Bisceglia, Beatrix PYC11  Pettipaug Yacht Club 
Proctor, Benjamin / Reardon, Matthew PYC1  PSA 
Robinson, Will / Robinson, James 3676  RIYC 
Wade, Michael / Wade, Peter 7553  Pettipaug Yacht Club 
Willis, Grace / Sagristano, Caroline 6985  Pilots Point 
Winterer, Harriet / Milley, Cara PYC4  Pettipaug 
Laser Full (6 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Bisceglia, James 136868  Pettipaug 
Boudreau, Connor / LaChance, Dan 131729  Pettipaug 
Hughes, Nick 145614  Pettipaug 
Lachance, Nathan 528Red  Pettipaug 
Mccarthy, Will 5282  PYC 
Opti:Blue (3 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Baclaski, Bailey 6408  PYC 
Cooke, Oliver 4500  Ness Mudratz 
Staak, Shawn 12637  Pettipaug 
Opti:Red (3 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Hubbard, Christian 1218  Pettitpaug 
Hughes, Alex 10756  Mudratz Pyc 
Montana, Gus 10013  PYC 
Opti:White (3 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Bergendahl, Charlie 11309  Ram Island Yacht Club 
Lippincott, Brodie 17  PYC 
Montana, Nicholas 10014  PYC 
Opti Green (7 entries)
Name Sail Number Club Affiliation
Baclaski, Jack 1075G  PYC 
Connolly, David 5271  NCYC 
Courcy, Stephen AC8  PYC 
Martinez, Alana 101  Pettipaug 
Martinez, Ella 6858  Pettipaug 
Munster, Victoria 987  PYC 
Winterer, Fox 7687  Pettipaug 
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