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2012 CSC Leukemia Cup
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(47 Entries)
Butterfly ( 8 entries )
Boat Type Name Sail Number Boat Name Club Affiliation
Butterfly  (Maggie), Michael Kaitlyn Rowland 8777     
Butterfly  Denison, Sanford (Sandy) 10816    CSC 
Butterfly  Faust, Bruce 8543    WRBC 
Butterfly  Hoffman, Shaun ??     
Butterfly  Lockey, Eddie 17845    CSC 
Butterfly  Miller, Paul 9486     
Butterfly  Richards, Frank 7845    CSC 
Butterfly  Zitmore, Miles 7752    WRBC 
Corinthian ( 7 entries )
Boat Type Name Sail Number Boat Name Club Affiliation
Corinthian  Barrett, David 197  Kol  CSC 
Corinthian  Beall, John 395  Effie   
Corinthian  Gilson, Burt 314  Summer Wind  CSC 
Corinthian  Joseph, Gibson 157  The Dream  CSC 
Corinthian  Krasner, Mike 381  Sunrise  CSC 
Corinthian  Mihm, Mark 210  Dorado  CSC 
Corinthian  Wilson, William Union Maid  CSC 
Flying Scot ( 23 entries )
Boat Type Name Sail Number Boat Name Club Affiliation
Flying Scot  Atkins, Forest 3403    CSC 
Flying Scot  Bradshaw, Mike 5751  Team Teal  CSC 
Flying Scot  Comen, Steve 5330    CSC 
Flying Scot  Cummings, Robert 5658  Rita  CSC 
Flying Scot  Eliason, Baron 15354  High Plains Drifter   
Flying Scot  Esfahni, Dari 5959  Flying Shaytoon  CSC 
Flying Scot  Gough, Bob 4496    CSC 
Flying Scot  Harrington, Bob 5272    CSC 
Flying Scot  Jewell, Terry 5792  Suey Pig  CSC 
Flying Scot  Jones, Anderson 4317    CSC 
Flying Scot  Jones, Red Dog 5417    CSC 
Flying Scot  Labute, Paul 5539  Unplugged  CSC 
Flying Scot  McCombs, Steve 5719    CSC 
Flying Scot  Miller, Tom 5398    CSC 
Flying Scot  O'Connor, Jim 4689    CSC 
Flying Scot  Olsen, Greg 5354    CSC 
Flying Scot  Perna, Jeff 5167  Nookie Monster  CSC 
Flying Scot  Perna, Ted 5537    CSC 
Flying Scot  Shepherd, Burton 5956    CSC 
Flying Scot  Strong, Alanna 5884  Wiggle Room  CSC 
Flying Scot  Tears, Rick 5715  Medical Waste  CSC 
Flying Scot  Wade, Richard 5471    CSC 
Flying Scot  Weston, John 5869    CSC 
Portsmouth ( 6 entries )
Boat Type Name Sail Number Boat Name Handicap Club Affiliation
B.W. Harpoon 5.2  Bunata, Chip 168  Apropos  GSC 
Longhorn  Dohearty, Tom OLM  DCYC 
Hobie 17  Fields, Bruce tbd  Wrinkles   
Inter. Canoe  Gilliland, David USA 209    RCYC 
International Canoe  McKesson, Derek USA 204  Silverlode   
Laser  Wallace, Greg TBD  Capt. Snickelfrits  CSC 
Snipe ( 3 entries )
Boat Type Name Sail Number Boat Name Club Affiliation
Snipe  Soltero, Gene 30477     
Snipe  Stillson, Jim 26805    CYC 
Snipe  Williams, Mark 30218     
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