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2018 GSC Fall Series
(15 Entries)
Catalina 22 ( 1 entry )
Boat Type Name Sail Number Boat Name Club Affiliation
Catalina 30  Mcaden, Ty 5512  Saba Girl  GSC 
Boat Type Name Sail Number Boat Name Handicap Club Affiliation
Catalina 30  Bagford, Jane Silver 3893  Don't Panic  GSC 
catalina 30  Boemer, Marilyn 2666  Sail la Vie  GSC 
C22  Bullock, Mitch 565  Pork chop Express  GSC 
Pearson 26  Cowart, Pam 414  Ohana  GSC 
Catalina 22  Embrey, Slockers 160  Bulletproof   
Catalina 320  Goodwin, Judy 1000  Millennium  GSC 
Catalina 22  Gras, Javier 13125  Papepuka  GSC 
Hunter 29.5  Kimball, Glenn 29.5  Glenn Kimball  GSC 
Olson 25  Parham, Tom 118  Impulse III  GSC 
Hobie 20  Pujals, James 991  Last Won  GSC 
Catalina 27  Ramler, Randy Maha 6563  Que Sera  GSC 
J30  Scott, Bob 30001  Smiles  GSC 
Capri 25  Shamp, Jim 70  TaKeelLa  GSC 
Olson 30  Snyder, Nancy 66  Comere/Gusto   
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